Exhibition and presentation: Creative Summit: Living as a From

Posted: 02.09.2011
30+ Artists, Curators, and Thinkers present their work engaging pressing issues affecting our world
September 23, 2011. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, NYU

This year’s Summit is presented in conjunction with Living as Form. Over 100 Artists and Projects, 25 Curators and 9 New Commissions Highlighting 20 Years of Socially Engaged Art. September 24 – October 16, 2011. The Historic Essex Street Market

Curated by Nato Thompson

An annual conference bringing together cultural producers to discuss how their work engages pressing issues affecting our world.

The Creative Time Summit includes cultural producers whose international projects consist of a vast array of practices and methodologies that engage with the canvas of everyday life. Participants range from art world luminaries to those purposefully obscure, providing a glimpse into an evolving community concerned with the political implications of socially engaged art. This third iteration of the Summit features presenters with projects in the Living as Form archive.

The third annual Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change is a $25,000 award, generously supported by the Annenberg Foundation, honoring an artist who has committed his or her life’s work to promoting social justice in surprising and profound ways. Past recipients include The Yes Men and Rick Lowe.


Exhibition: The Lawless line

Posted: 01.09.2011
Second Worlds: herbst exhibition (81% visual arts 19% vision of the future)
Curated by What, How & for Whom / WHW (HR)

23/09 – 16/10 c/o Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill & Festival district
Exhibition opening: Fri 23/09 5 pm

Second Worlds: in which the past had different consequences and the future does not depend on the present. Parallel worlds, possible worlds, impossible worlds, ideal worlds. Worlds apart, worlds connected. The programme invokes the unrealised possibilities haunting our present day, as well as the realistic dangers that could wipe out any conceivable future.
The notion of another world has become largely apocalyptic – a world in the wake of an unimaginable natural disaster, for example, or a human-induced self-destruction with capital as the sole survivor. The geopolitical construction of a second world from the Cold War era, that for decades euphemistically sought to conceal the dark chasm between the First and Third Worlds with the illusion of progress that would, sooner or later, embrace all people, has gone out of fashion. But the inequalities and divisions that it manifested have continued to grow. Only the ideology of economic growth has superseded that of progress.
This year’s herbst exhibition – conceived by the Croatian curator collective WHW, who were, amongst other things, responsible for the Istanbul Biennial 2009 – uses the potential of possible and impossible second worlds as a projection surface for an imaginary and political change of perspective – but still firmly rooted in the geopolitical reality of our time.

With Jumana Emil Abboud (PS), Yael Bartana (IL), Nemanja Cvijanović (HR/I), Marcelo Expósito & Verónica Iglesia (E/ARG), Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency / DAAR (PS), Ruben Grigorian (ARM), Bouchra Khalili (F/MA), Daniel Knorr (D/RO), Tom Nicholson (AUS), Maha Maamoun (EG), Mona Marzouk (EG), Chan-Kyong Park (ROK), Lala Raščić (HR/USA), Marko Tadić (HR)

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“Linea verde, il limes senza legge” Limes 3/2011

Posted: 06.07.2011

Alessandro PETTI, Nicola PERUGINI, Sandi HILAL, Eyal WEIZMAN – Linea verde, il limes senza legge
Gli accordi di Oslo definiscono tre aree di sovranità: israeliana, palestinese e mista. Di fatto, però, se ne è imposta una quarta: il confine stesso. Semplice tratto sulla carta, nella realtà questa striscia di terra è un limbo giuridico.


The Practice of the Commonwealth in the Metropolis of the Crisis Gentrification, Colonialisms, Conflicts, Arts and Architectures

Posted: 23.06.2011

June 25 at 3 pm
S.a.L.E. Docks, Dorsoduro 265, Venezia

The Practice of the Commonwealth in the Metropolis of the Crisis
Gentrification, Colonialisms, Conflicts, Arts and Architectures.

The point is to analyse the concept of the city within the context of the global crisis.
The invited people have been chosen to highlight different points of view. From the role of the organisation of the space and of Israeli architecture within Palestine to the postion of art in the context of the global cities where the device of the creative city was put to practice.
So the focus will be on architecture, art and urban planning as instruments employed in a field of forces.
This field can vary from actual war zones to a space in which creativity is captured as a capitalistic vector for the socio-economical urban development.

A collaboration between S.a.L.E. Docks and the Institut Ramon Llull on the occasion of “180” the solo exhibition of Mabel Palacin for the Pavilion of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands at the 54 Venice Biennale of Visual Arts.

Follow the live streaming on: www.sherwood.it



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