Beit Sahour, Palestine (2010)

draft – Since we build our home in Palestine, consciously or unconsciously, we felt the necessity to create forms of life in common. Especially with the birth of Tala and Sama our two daughters, we did not want to lock ourselves in the bourgeoisie nuclear family. Sandi´s extended family helped in creating possibilities for a life in common. As it is quite common in Palestine, the moment the family grows, the new members build over or aside from the original nucleus. We build our house on the rooftop of three store building where Sandi brothers live and where we also have our studio and residency and a common kitchen with a common garden for family gatherings. Since the roof is a common space, all the design of the extension of the house rotated around the idea to maintain public access for all family members to the roof and, at the same time, become a sort of internal semipublic road where the old and new part of the house meet.

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