Tepostlán, Cuernavaca Mexico (2015)

After the Tree School in Bahia, we asked ourselves if it were possible to bring the tree school with us wherever we went.

In January 2015, the tree school was invited to Tepostlán, Cuernavaca (Mexico) by Estudio SITAC and Alumnos47. Here, the tree school offered educators from different parts of Mexico the space to reflect on their pedagogical practices in a workshop inspired by the teachings of Ivan Illich, who established the CIDOC, an informal university in Cuernavaca that attracted a diverse group of intellectuals and seekers from around the world. The tree school lasted for a few days, during which a close group of participants were offered the space and time to critically reflect on their practice; to take a distance from their respective sites of intervention; and to reflect collectively upon the role of radical pedagogies in the transformation of society.