Eyal Weizman:
To inhabit a subject, or have research embodied in yourself is to be part of the particular constellation of forces in the area of your research. Research is thus written from within. You have various entry points into describing a particular reality. One’s practice is producing the information that you are writing on. Research is not prior to practice. You are living it, part of it; the subject is embodied in you. The body is very important in this, where you are, where you have chosen to position yourself.

Alessandro Petti:
A platform where people are involved and have their own space. It is a form of inhabitation inside the project. Without this it would be difficult for me to live here. I am not passive; I feel that I can do something. I can work on two levels, my personal life and what I can research and theorize.

Sandi Hilal:
Inhabiting the research is a kind of resistance. I participated in the First Intifada and my thinking about resistance was in that direction. Now my resistance is different, it makes no sense to stay here without resistance. By inhabiting the project this way, it is a cultural resistance.

Armin Linke shooting in video-stereoscopy at Jabal Tawil

Francesco Mattuzzi shooting a video of Jabal Tawil

Vincenzo Castella photographing Al-Bireh

Anne Gough painting in Oush Grab with Jesse Long and BRAVE NEW ALPS

BRAVE NEW ALPS shooting a video of the settlement Har Homa