Women Centre, Fawwar refugee camp

 The living room in Fawwar Refugee Camp itself was set up by Ayat Al Turshan, a former participant of Campus in Camps. In Fawwar, the madafeh are typically run by men, and Ayat had long been invested in working for the right of women to be in the public. Thus, the concept of madafeh and a space of public hospitality owned by both men and women, where women can claim the right to host, is highly controversial.  As Yasmeen gave me strength through her hospitality, I am now giving strength to Ayat. This network allows us to look at ourselves in the mirror and understand our own lives through the experiences and stories of others, however different they may be. None of us were capable of creating a sense of belonging to the public by ourselves, but we all shared the desire to contribute to the life of the place we live in.