Hong Kong (2019)

In the fall of 2019, we were invited to Hong Kong by Asia Art Archive, a nonprofit organisation with a library and a collection of archival materials about recent art in Asia. Over the course of two weeks, we met with artists, educators, community organisers, and students of different ages to speak about care, community, and the role of artists in shaping education outside of institutional settings.

We transformed the house in Shek O, a fishing island in Hong Kong Island, into an informal gathering space for groups and individuals to discuss the formation of learning environments. The roof top school offered the group a reminder of the establishment of these schools on the roof tops of Hong Kong at the time when people took refuge there. Unfortunately, due to the combined effect of government restrictions for the pandemic and the protests, we could not activate a series of tree school experiments in the city of Hong Kong in collaboration with teachers and students at the local schools, as we had planned to do.