Posted: 11.04.2011



TEDxRamallah brings together 20+ inspiring individuals on stage, from Speakers, Performers and Stage Hosts from within Palestine and beyond from at least 10 different disciplines that collectively will enlighten us with inspirational stories of Palestine.
TEDxRamallah aims to showcase inspiring stories of Palestine. It also aims to educate and inspire by providing a space for people to share their ideas in any field, whether science, education, literature, technology, design, etc. to contribute to the positive perception of Palestine.
TEDxRamallah is a one day event that will take place in three venues in three cities: Convention Palace in Bethlehem, Sunflower Theatre in Beirut, and in a venue in Amman. The partner cities (Beirut and Amman) support Palestine, a place with limited access, by getting people who cannot be part of the event in Bethlehem closer to the live experience. The TEDxRamallah program will have a majority of speakers speaking live from the Convention Palace, while those speakers who cannot access Palestine will speak from the partner cities and will be streamed into Bethlehem.