Parliament in Exile

The Palestinian Legislative Council is only one of the several Palestinian Parliaments
scattered within historical Palestine and in the diaspora. Other
 “fragments” of Parliaments (such as Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Algiers, Tunis, Ramallah,
 Gaza) and the traces of the erosion of Palestinian representation are present in many
 areas in which the political struggle wandered in the last decades. Those Parliaments
 came to territorialize a form of experimental democracy exercised throughout the
 years of exile of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)—when parliamentary 
gatherings assembled in different places sought to account for a scattered and
extraterritorial polity without a process of election and proportional representation.
 These parliaments in exile functioned as long as the parliamentary gatherings had no
 fixed seat.

(Video Operator and Editor Cressida Kocienski, Delfina Foundation Palestine with Ghassan Bannoura)