Higher Seminar and book launch on Stateless Heritage at Tensta konsthall, Stockholm

The Royal Institute of Art and Tensta konsthall are inviting you to a higher seminar and the book launch of Refugee Heritage by DAAR – Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, with a Photographic Dossier by Luca Capuano, on May 24, 2–5 pm at Tensta konsthall within the frame of the group exhibition Hurting and Healing: Let’s Imagine a Different Heritage.

Starting from the book-dossier and the installation Refugee Heritage at Tensta konsthall, the seminar will revolve around the following fundamental questions: who has the right to define what constitutes heritage? How can modernist and patriarchal conceptions of heritage be challenged? Are there other forms of heritage outside the nation-state that include all the people who belong to more than one place simultaneously?

The Refugee Heritage book-dossier attempts to deactivate the claims of objectivity and universalism contained within conventions followed by UNESCO in determining World Heritage status; it presents different narratives that do not fit within such statist discourse, reorienting heritage towards non-hegemonic forms of life and collective memory. By reusing, misusing and redirecting UNESCO World Heritage guidelines and criteria, Refugee Heritage challenges definitions of heritage and their colonial foundations, asking instead how architecture is mobilized as an agent of political transformation.

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