What is a Refugee Crisis?

This year, events in the Middle East, Africa and Europe have led to popular movements that have been described as the largest refugee crisis since WWII.  This demands a response, and how this crisis is defined, mediated, and understood is central to the responses (global and local, personal and political, affective and activist) that can be generated.  This day-long workshop, along with an accompanying visual archive, will consider the question of “what is a refugee crisis?” focused on media combined with political theory.  Speakers include Lorenzo Pezzani and Charles Heller, Forensic Architecture; Mia Cherlene White, University of California/Santa Barbara; Thomas Keenan, Bard College; Mezna Qato, Cambridge University; Paul Feigelfeld, Leuphana University; Itamar Mann, Georgetown University; Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, DAAR; Ayten Gundogdu, Barnard College.

March 11

10:00am – 6:00pm
Pembroke Hall 305
172 Meeting Street,